Wait What? There really is a way to get free stocks ?

Yup! and this is how…

Two of the apps I am about to go over offer free stocks just by joining!

1- WeBull

We bull is one of the newer apps I have been using for stock trading. They offer real-time market data, great customer service and no minimum amount for opening.

In fact just input all of your details fully and correctly and We Bull will give you a free stock valued between $3 – $300. That is just for filling in your details no deposit etc.

Get another free stock from Webull when you add $100 into your account. The free stocks value will be $4 – $1,000!

Please note you will need to use an affiliate link or order to get these bonuses. Please feel free to click the Webull link here which is my affiliate link if you wish to use it thank you!

2 – Robin Hood

Robinhood was the first to come out with no fee trading and has really taken the market by storm. Its an easy to use app that allows you to trade and view stocks right from your phone.

With Robinhood they are offering a free stock of 1-150 chance of getting Berkshire Hathaway, Apple or Facebook. A 1-100 chance of getting GE, Energy Transfer or Century Link.

To get this free stock you will need to open an account and deposit your first $100. An affiliate link is always required to claim this special offer if you wish you can use the following link which is my affiliate link to help support me and the site thank you! Join Robinhood Here

Well there you have it, two sites which are currently offering free stocks!