One of the easiest ways to make extra money is to go for rewards. Rewards are a powerful tool to be used when treated right.

You might be thinking rewards such as cash back on a credit card which are great if you pay your bills on time. But what I really mean are all the bonus reward programs such as Swagbucks

Swagbucks lets you earn even more cash back from your enter day purchases. It also offer rewards for playing games and using their site. Things such as clipping coupons and so much more all earn you rewards which I redeem myself for a $25 Amazon gift card each month.

A new program I recently found saves you money and rewards you money. It really is a no brainer to get installed on your browser right now. For example I recently ordered some Pizza only that was going to cost me $60, I clicked a button to run coupon codes and after one minute it found me a deal that brought my bill from $60 down to $32!

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Last but not least is good old Ebates. If you don’t have ebates installed then you are missing out on a monthly rewards check. This one is a must and often times out beats swagbucks in terms of cash back rewards so it’s a great idea to have both and compare.