Here are the list of 7 of the best Get Paid To sites and what each has to offer. We have been paid from each of these sites recently which is also why they are on the list. Outside of this many sites end up being scams and never pay you so you can feel better knowing your time spent on these sites have proven to payout.

Swagbucks is the main go to for many. They offer rewards for a ton of options however I have noticed that they seem to pay out less on offers compared to some of the other options. That doesn’t mean Swagbucks is a bad option it just means that if you want an offer you want to do that’s worth $20+ it might be best to shop around some of the others listed below and see if you can pick up some bigger rewards.

Rating: 5/5

This is a newer one we ran into and looks somewhat to the same style of Swagbucks. However we have found some of the same offers with a higher payout on this. There’s daily rewards, extra bonuses and more for remain active. We highly encourage adding this multi get paid to site to your arsenal.

Rating: 5/5

Freecash has been blowing up recently and in a good way. It mainly focuses around on offers but can land you some big payouts! They offer some bonus level rewards that keep you wanting more. Plus the clean user interface is a huge welcome for organizing and figure out the best offers for yourself. We even reached out to their support about a credit mishap on one offer (which can and does happen) Within a few minutes they cleared it up and issued the reward. Great staff and great site.

Rating: 4.5/5 (Limited offers but still a large collection and highest payer)

Inbox dollars has been around for a very long time. It was one of the first and still remains to be a great option. It’s had countless updates to the platform but overall it offers up some great options. It also has a fun little scratch off game you can play after using the site for a bit to win some extra rewards.

4.7/5 (well trusted, great options and a fun little bonus)

We added this one to the bunch because of a powerful way to earn rewards called watching videos. Every day you can run videos from not only but also! These rewards stack up crazy fast and I often run it on the side while doing other work on the computer. Idle-Empire is one of the last ones I know that takes both HideoutTV and

If you’re looking for a great all in one rewards app any of these options above are great. However like stated in the article be sure check out the other sites before hand to see if they are offering a higher payout for the same program you are about to join. You’d be surprised it could be $10 or more at times!