Do you stream on Twitch or Mixer ? If you do please comment your channel down below.

We are just about ready to finalize everything on these streaming exclusive giveaways and I believe we will be launching them in November of this year.

It has taken a huge effort to get to the point we are now but it has really paid off.

At the moment our streaming list has a list of 15,000 people and with further promotion we believe that list should easily reach 50k total subscribers or more.

This list will then be accessible to streamers by offering partnered giveaways with GiveawayMachine!

Being a streamer means you need large viewership and that viewership is hard to come by. By running partnered giveaways you will gain followers and viewership to your streams! Just be you and do your stream how you want we do all the heavy lifting in terms of gaining you extra exposure.

But views is just part of it, you also have a community on social networks such as Instagram, Twitter and Youtube. With our partnered giveaways you will also be gaining followers there.

If this is something you would be interested in please comment your channel below so we can check you out and have you be one of our first partnered giveaway streamers coming later this year.