Making these giveaway mistakes could cost you big time. Lets review each and how to prevent them.

Mistake #1 – Poorly Defined Goals and Expectations

First off you have to realize that maybe only a few people will enter your giveaway. Depending on the prize and how you have it setup could make or break your giveaway.

Be sure to plan your giveaway and what your end goal is. It could be anything from more followers, brand awareness, building a list etc.

Mistake #2 – Rules Are Important

Depending on where you live will depend on the rules you have to create for your giveaway, contest or sweepstakes. Be sure to follow local laws but also include these rules and laws within your giveaway.

Some important core things to include would be…

  • Eligibility both in age and location in the world
  • List dates the giveaway will take place and end
  • Include how the winner will be selected
  • Prize information
  • Disclaimer (cover your butt) such as being able to shut down the giveaway or investigate any possible cheating

Mistake #3 – Misalignment of Prize and Brand

If your prize does not complement your brand you could be setting yourself up for failure. Your prize should be something that relates to your branding or simply put is your branding.

For example you would not giveaway a watch if your brand is a pet store. They don’t compare with each other and would attract the wrong audience.

Mistake # 4 – Requiring To Much Information

Marketing 101 Rule right here, the less information you require up front the more people will be willing to continue. The only thing you really need to be asking for up front is Email address not even name that could come later.

Mistake #5 – You Need To Think Mobile

In most cases about 70% of your entries will come from mobile be it a phone or tablet etc. mobile friendly giveaways are key to success here. Making it flow and run as smooth on mobile is a great way to set your giveaway up for massive success.