Since 2017 I have started running my own giveaways and learned a lot over that time. It also is what fueled me to create this cutting edge giveaway site at

In this post we will be going over some of the key factors that will help your giveaway, contest or sweepstakes go viral.

Offer The Right Prize

If your not offering the right prize then your giveaways is going to be dead in the water right away. It also might end up attracting the wrong people in which case you might get a bunch of entries but it wont yield you the sales results you are looking for.

Depending on what your site/business is about will determine what type of prize you should be offering.

You can view the most popular giveaway ideas to get some ideas as to what you might want to offer in your giveaway.

Sharing Is Your Main Goal

The more people that share your giveaway the higher the chances of it going viral. There are a few key factors you should take into mind when encouraging sharing on your giveaway.

1- Consider offering bonus entries for sharing on the most popular social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. and remember to use popular hash tags to gain further tractions.

2. Have them subscribe to your social medias. They will most likely share other posts, comment, like your videos etc which will help your business grow after the giveaway.

The Time Frame Matters

The real sweet spot seems to be around 2 weeks to a month. Go longer then this and most people will forget about your giveaway. Unless of course your giving away a car, house, boat or some other large ticket item then running it for about 3 months could be your sweet spot.

Also consider repetition giveaways something you can continue to do every month or so that people are going to love to keep taking a part in.

Partnerships and

I am always looking for the right partners to better my own giveaways. A partnership can help you cover costs of the giveaway and offer a bigger prize that is sure to gain a little more traction.

Best of all if your running your own giveaway right now or soon be sure to add it on sites such as to gain exposure for your giveaway. Consider a few paid options to further your giveaways reach into the tens of thousands.