One of the biggest blockers to running your own giveaway is deciding what to giveaway in the first place.

There are thousands of options but only a few attract the masses. In this post we will go over the top producing giveaways and what niche they belong to.

1- Book Collection

Do your fans love to read and care about learning? If your in marketing, a book club or any other niche where there are big decently priced quality books then this could be a great idea.

Simply pull together a collection of 3-5 books ranging around $100-$300 in value and offer it to the winner of the giveaway.

Some good ideas would be stock market/investment books, marketing books and fun series.

2 – Gift Cards

Gift cards are one of the highest sought after giveaways. Nothing speaks as loudly as some fresh cash where they can go pick up whatever their heart desires.

Depending on your market will depend on the value of the giftcard you should offer and what type of giftcard you should offer. In general a Amazon giftcard ranging from $100- $500 is the sweet spot but you could go even bigger!

3 – Themed Giveaways

Are you looking into a niche market ? Perhaps you have an etsy store in which you sell a product and you want to gain more exposure to it.

Consider putting together a themed package of the designs/products you offer at your store as a giveaway for people to enter.

This could also be done with other niches such as a star wars collection bundle, pc games, game systems and more.

Themed giveaways are sure to only attract those interested in what you are doing/offering.

4 – Limited Editions

Have a new book your releasing ?
Some new fresh artwork ?

Consider limiting them and offering signed copies with some extra perks on the side as your giveaway.

This is a powerful and amazing way to gain a larger following and build up hype around your launch.

5 – Simply Ask

Reach out to your customers, your list or your social media following and simply ask them what they would be interested in winning from you in a giveaway.

You will be honestly surprised at what your viewers want and its sure to drive some fresh new ideas.

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