Running your own blog is an awesome step to providing value to others and to start building your reputation online.

It is one of the first building blocks to creative passive income online. But with so many blogs and a new domain it can be hard to get it to rank. This is where a giveaway could boost your social shares on your blog posts and get you more traction faster.

Here are 5 of the BEST blog giveaway ideas.

  1. Products related to your blogs topic. You already have a target base in which you are blogging to so why not offer a product or service as a giveaway that is closely related to that. It will drive the right people to your blog.
  2. Books – Offering a collection of books as a giveaway that are related to the topic you are writing about. If you do a personal finance blog consider giving away some of the top finance books on the giveaway.
  3. Giftcards – Giftcards are always a great option to attract masses of people.
  4. Advertising – If your blog is sizable you may consider offering advertising on your site as a giveaway. This could attract and build your list of advertisers that would want to run ads on your blog.
  5. Guest Post – Writing good quality content takes time and a lot of it. Offering up a guest post could be another great way to build a contact base of related blogs in which you help each other grow via guest posts and linking.

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