Did you know that GiveawayMachine offers a partnership option?

You can reach out to us via sending us a message on our Facebook giveaway page here.

What exactly is a partnership giveaway ?

It is where you connect a giveaway with a brand or company with your own. Most of the time you split the prize cost so you can offer something bigger or for free (the partnered site offers the product at no cost).

This allows you to gain bigger traction as the prize value will be higher and everyone loves a high valued prize!

The partnership also includes entries between you and the company or person you are partnered with.

For example if you where running the giveaway yourself you would only put on things such as follow your twitter account. However in a partnered giveaway you would set it to follow both you and the partnered site for the giveaway.

The partnered person will also be promoting the giveaway which will increase your reach and drastically increase the number of active participants in your giveaway.