With strong competition you need a way to make your business stand out.

Yes you might have a better product or offer a better service but word of mouth can travel slowly.

A giveaway could be the right fit for you to get more reviews for your business, offer great value to your existing and potential new customers and overall just bring more awareness to your business.

What are some ideas you could use to promote your business with giveaways?

  1. Coupons – You might have a main big product you are giving away but all those other people might feel left out at the end of it. This is the perfect time to thank them for taking the time to take part in your giveaway and to offer them a discount/coupon code to your store.
  2. Photo contest – You could run a contest that supports your brand or your product by having those who use/own your product take creative pictures with it and posting them on social networks.
  3. Simply do a survey and ask your customers what they would like to win. This creates engagement itself and allows you to come up with ideas you might not of though of yourself.
  4. Limited edition – If you have a product think about creating a special limited edition item or a run of a few of them to giveaway/ sell a few at the end of the giveaway.

I hope this gave you some ideas on giveaways you can run for your own business. Be sure to submit your next giveaway at our site Giveaway Machine Submission Click Here