We have been hard at work on building a new email list that deals with streamers only. There have been recent changes since our last post about streamers.

The biggest was a move by Ninja over to Mixer. This means we are shifting focus a bit and instead of build an exclusive Twitch list it will instead combine both Twitch and Mixerr in the email list.

It will take about 2 more months for us to build the list and compile everything in which a new feature area will be added to Giveaway Machine. Expect this to happen some time in October just in time for some of the biggest giveaways for the holiday season!

This also includes a new package which can be bought which will send an email to a unique email list that is only of people who watch streamers on Twitch and Mixer.

We highly believe this is going to be one of the biggest moves of the site in providing quality to streamers but also providing you with even more and better chances of winner great prizes!