You’ve created a giveaway before and it just didn’t go as well as you expected right ?

Here are 5 easy steps to building your next successful giveaway.

#1 – Use a giveaway app such as Rafflecopter or

Using a dedicated widget to run your giveaway is a great way to make the selection process easier but also setup and ease of use for the people entering.

#2 – Clearly define what is to be given away

Sure you want to make it good but adding to many products to a giveaway can cause confusion. Also setting to many runner up prizes can cause confusion as well.

#3 – Write an engaging giveaway post

Writing a enticing sponsored giveaway post is a great way to gain more traction to your giveaway. Be sure to test all entry methods and the follow up sequence/ goals behind it.

#4 – Promote your giveaway on socials

Just because you built it doesn’t mean people are going to come enter it. You need to put some promotion into it. We here at offer marketing services for a low cost to help bolster your giveaway to go viral.

#5 – Choose A Winner Carefully

When picking your winner be sure to double check who it is. Check the socials and verifiy it is not some bot account or fake account. The above apps do a good job at removing invalid entries.