A giveaway is only as good as the plan behind it. In this post I am going to cover the blueprint I created for planning my giveaways so you can use it to run your next successful giveaway.

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#1 – Pick Your Platform
I would recommend either RaffleCopter or Gleam.io

#2 – Write Down Your Goals
What do you want to come out of this giveaway ?
More followers, Visitors to your blog posts, video views, comments, sharing content, creating content etc. Write down your end goal but don’t make it to many things you want to remain focused.

#3 – Include Viral Aspects
Why do it all yourself when you can have 100 people do 1% of the work for you?
Include viral aspects to your giveaway such as tagging a friend, retweeting etc.

#4 – Create a Budget
If you build it they will come does not apply to giveaways at all. A little bit of grunt work needs to be done or paying other sites to list your giveaway such as that on GiveawayMachine.com are key to getting more exposure to your giveaway and making it go viral.

#5 – Selecting Your Winner and Follow Up
It’s important to thank everyone who entered and possibly even offer a consolation prize such as a discount to your store.
It’s also just as important to announce the winner to everyone to avoid any confusion. If you can ask that person to submit in a photo of their winnings.