Running your own blog is one of the most rewarding things to do. You get to share your ideas, opinions and thoughts with the world and others come to read, learn and offer their insights as well.

However just starting a blog is not enough, you need to build a following and one of the great ways to do that is through a giveaway.

These are a few tips on how to run a successful blog giveaway. Be sure to list yours at

What Is The Purpose ?

Just like with any giveaway no matter what you are running it on you need to have goals you want to acomplish with the giveaway.

Some key ones would be increasing your following, increasing shares, comments likes etc. of your blog posts and building an email list.

The prize

Your prize needs to attract enough people but also appeal to those that would be interested in what you are blogging about.

Consider your giveaway carefully are you looking to simply maximize and get everyone possible? If so a giftcard might be a good option.

Looking to only attract certain people ? Maybe offering dog food or cat food or a specific animal or product would target only those that would be interested in the products you sell.

Promote Your Giveaway

While you can reach a good amount of people via your blog you could expand on this. Giveaway listing sites such as offer great ways to boost exposure of your giveaway which will attract more people and expand your reach. Consider spending a little money to give your giveaway a nice kick.

Need a program to run your giveaway?

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