Many of us have wordpress blogs in which we have blogged to for years. Over the last few years you might have noticed a declining trend in traffic I see this across all blogs I follow.

One of the easiest ways to regain excitement and traction is to host a giveaway at your blog. This will help grow your readers, viewers and overall build more traffic flow and exposure to your writings, videos, podcasts etc.

Before we jump into the guts of this one thing you may want to consider is a partnership on the giveaway with another blog or with a product that you promote on your blog. These partnerships can lead to covering the costs of the giveaway to having the sponsor post up the giveaway prizes for you.

The System

There are a number of systems which will run your giveaway. For myself I use but Rafflecopter would be my other recommendation.

If you are looking for a free system to start out with a wordpress plugin such as Simple Giveaways.

Promote The Giveaway

You will need to promote your giveaway in order to gain traction. You can not simply place it up and expect people to come to it.

If you have an email list or social following be sure to post it on there and have options for them to share it with others.

You can also pay for some of your promotion tapping into massive lists and those interested in giveaways by submitting your giveaway to sites such as GiveawayMachine.com

Complete The Giveaway

Be sure to make it clear and well known who the winner is. The worse thing ever is having people accusing you you did not announce the winner. I have a TOS of my giveaway that says by entering the giveaway they give me rights to posting their name if they are selected as the winner.

This allows me to notify everyone including the winner who won on social media, email etc.