Getting more entries into giveaways really bumps up your chances of winning. While daily tasks are great for boosting up your chances there is another little known method.

This method does require that you already have an Amazon Prime account (Which lets face it just about everyone has now) Twitch is also a free to join site in which you can watch streamers.

Many giveaways that are run by streamers (Including myself) Offer bonus entries for subscribing to their channel. An extra perk of having Amazon Prime is you get a free subscription every month to a channel of your choice.

On my own giveaway I give bonus entries for following but also for being a subscriber to my channel. Just follow the image below on how to set that up.

1. After you great your free twitch account login and go to channel and click on the Subscribe button
2. Click on the start your free trial button to redeem your FREE twitch prime subscription to the channel and get your bonus entries.

Even if you don’t have twitch prime you can still subscribe to the channel for just $4.99 which gets you hundreds if not thousands of bonus entries into these giveaways. Plus if you enjoy watching the streamer or giveaway host why not show them with some support.

Be sure to check out my own giveaways at SeanSupplee Affiliate Blog Giveaway.