One of the most popular goals of any giveaway is to increase followers to maximize potential reach and earnings as the company or person moves forward.

There are a few goals you need to plan in your head before setting up such a giveaway.

  • Do you want to reward current followers/readers (my suggestion is yes)
  • Do you want followers or subscribers or perhaps both ?
  • Special event or some type of mile stone reached? Give your giveaway a theme
  • What social networks do you want to grow your following on.

Defining your goals and outcome you want of the giveaway event is key and only takes a few minutes of your time to write down. It gives your giveaway purpose and a theme which more people can get behind and support.

Within your giveaway setup tasks for your visitors to take part in. These tasks should move you towards your end goal you determined. makes this rather easy by tracking followers, shares and likes on popular social networks.