One of the most important factors when running your own giveaway is setting the amount of time between when it launches and when you pick your winner.

Make it to long and the giveaway will become stagnate, make it to short and your giveaway might not reach its maximum potential.

So what exactly how long should your giveaway be ?

A number of factors will play into this and some of it will come down to trial and error. However this general guideline will help in getting you started.

24 hour -1 week – These are good for getting a quick burst of activity and also allows for more people to win smaller prizes. However the prize still needs to be worth the effort. Depending on the niche you are in this could change anywhere from $10 giftcards, game consoles, your course etc.

Two weeks – This I have found for myself to be the sweet spot. I can offer a large enough prize to gain a good amount of traction but also the time frame is short enough to keep those two weeks active.

One month – This could be a good option for a higher ticket price item such as $1,000 or higher. These tend to do well because people love a big prize. Also consider runner up prizes so people have a little more hope of winning something. For example your core prize could be $500 value while you have 5 other winners of $100.

Over a month – This one should only be used when giving away something large. You see this done on tv shows such as HGTVs home giveaway or a marketer giving away a car.

You are for sure going to need a way to have these people keep coming back in order to gain more entries. By not having a daily task for them to do the giveaway will quickly fall off their radar and most people simply will not enter.