Hosting your own giveaway is a great idea to fuel growth in your business or give your new online ventures a quick kick in the butt. However many people make common mistakes when hosting a giveaway that is costing them big time. Are you making these mistakes?

1 – Requiring Signup

Requiring a sign up such as name and email address in order to enter your giveaway can be a huge turn off for many people. One click sign ups are the way to go or no sign up at all. offers a one click signup but your users wont even hardly notice it. They will see all the tasks they can do in order to enter your giveaway and clicking on any of those will result in it asking them if they want to join via the social networking they are using. This ranges from Facebook, Amazon, Twitter and loads of others. Don’t put blockers in front of your giveaway make it seamless and easy for them to take part.

2 – Over Complicated

You need to either focus on one social network and give clear instructions on how to enter or get a program/script that makes it easy for your visitors to start claiming entries.

Again offers a great way to do this but so does Rafflecopter and a few others. KISS (Keep It Stupid Simple) Is key when running your giveaway. As soon as you over complicate it or ask to much you will turn off a majority of the possible entries.

3 – The Prize Is Not Right

You might think your product is the best thing since sliced bread. But your giveaways visitors don’t think that nor are they interested most likely. Your prizes should be rather generic to encourage the maximum number of entries.

Prizes such as giftcards, cash, cars, houses and other such items that all are interested in are key to maximizing the exposure to your giveaway. You can always sell them on your product after the fact once they have joined your list and follow you on social media.

4 – Poor Marketing

If you think you can just slap up a giveaway and people are instantly going to be drawn to it your in for a really rude awaking!

There are legit thousands of giveaways going on every day so promotion is key. Once you start building your list after your first giveaway you can cut back a bit on the promotion but it never hurts to give your giveaway a little fuel for the fire.

You can submit your own giveaway right here at just click here to submit yours.

5- Your Duration Wasn’t Right

People hate waiting and this is becoming more apparent every day. You need to factor this into your own giveaway. You will notice once you start running your own that you’ll have a bump then the giveaway first starts and then about 48 hours before it ends.

However making your giveaway to long time wise will make people bypass it and move on. They don’t want to wait around 3 months from now to see if they won.

The key spot seems to be around 2 weeks – 1 month. Running a monthly giveaway and keeping that same schedule is key to having people remember you and your brand and keep coming back for more.