Looking for quality apps that pay you? Then you have come to the right blog post.

This post is all about apps that make you money. This is my top 5 list of the of paying apps for 2019.

#1 – Swag Bucks

Swagbucks has a mobile app as well and a ton of features in which you can unlock rewards for shopping, watching videos, playing a nightly triva and much more.

They have been in business for years and are one of the best most trusted rewards program.

You can join Swagbucks free by clicking here.

#2 – AppFlame

Enjoy playing and trying out new games on your mobile devices? Then App Flame is a great options. Simply play the games you normally would and earn rewards for doing so. Nothing else is required other then leaving the game open and interacting with it.

This is a great simple and fun way to earn some extra gift cards on the side for something you most likely are doing already anyways.

#3 -Long Game

For those of you who find traditional savings accounts boring or you just can’t seem to stick to it then Long Game is your answer.

Signup to Long Game by clicking here and get 1000 tokens

These tokens are used to spin wheels, slots, drawings, lotterys etc. You can win everything from cash to crypto which makes saving crazy fun!

#4 – Stash

Put your stash to work for you! Now you can get $5 free just for joining via this link Stash Affiliate Link.

There are a number of ways to contribute to your stash account which include a checking account, monthly or weekly contrabutions and round ups. It honestly is one of the best ways to start making dividends and investing towards your future.

You will be surprised what $25 a week investment can add up to within a years time!

#5 – Ibotta

Simply the best and quickest way to make money from your phone. This is the top of the top when it comes to scanning receipts to earn money from. Use the app to get cashback on products you already purchased.

Not only do they do this via paper receipts but you can also earn cash back from the shopping you do online. You will find monthly and even weekly bonuses for buying certain items.

Signup bonus of $20 will be credited to you when you download the app and redeem your first offer. The bonus will show up in your account balance once you have scanned your first receipt.