Instagram has become the holly grail of marketing your products and services. But you need to stand out and gain some traction before your Instagram can really take off.

One way of accomplishing this footing is by running your own giveaway via your Instagram page. Lets dive into the top 5 tips to running your own successful Instagram giveaway.

#1 – Theme Matters

Depending on your product and services you are offering from your Instagram profile will depend on the type of themed package you can run. If it is around a holiday such as Christmas then of course you would design up a themed package for the holidays.

If your not within a holiday get creative and come up with your own hashtag as well. Such a theme could be a summer package, explorer package and so on.

#2 – Rules

With any giveaway having clear rules is important to running a successful and fair giveaway. Your rules will be different but for the most part will always follow your end goals you have for the giveaway.

These rules could be

  • Like a photo
  • Use a unique hashtag
  • Follow the Instagram page
  • Repost a photo
  • Tag friends
  • Leave a comment or caption a photo

The key here to remember is include the rules within your giveaway photo on Instagram but make it easy enough to follow. Requiring to many things will make people not want to take part so narrow it down to 2-3 of the above you can always run another giveaway later and incorporate a different set of rules and see what one plays out better with your goals.

#3 – Your deadline

Making a giveaway to long will make people pass it by and forget about it. From all the giveaways I have done I have found that a $500 giveaway or less does well between 2 weeks to 1 month.

While a higher ticket item say $1,000 + could run into 2-3 months and do fairly well. What you will notice however is most of the activity will happen the first 1-3 days of the giveaway and then again at the last 48 hours.

#4 – Your Prize Matters

Put some thought into it and hit up #1 on this list again for some ideas. Depending on your goals might depend on what you offer in your giveaway. Some bad ideas I have seen that could of went well was offering cloths to 5 winners. The issue is no one ends up buying those cloths who enter because they are trying to win them for free.

On the flip side you could offer everyone else who did not win a consolation prize of 20% off etc on their next order from your store which could drive massive new sales for you.

#5 – Promote, Promote and Promote some more

Just because you created a giveaway does not mean people will come. One of the best places to list your giveaway is right here at where we have thousands of visitors every day looking for new giveaways to take part in.

Listing it on sites like GiveawayMachine will help expose your brand, products and overall business to more people.