We are currently working out the final touches on what should be one of the biggest undertakings of the site since launch. This feature will be Twitch exclusive giveaways which are designed to support creators on twitch and build positive communities.

The idea behind this is to create a separated list in which only twitch giveaways will be promoted to. These giveaways will be featured around streamers who create quality content and will be fully sponsored by us.

By created this separated list we can better target a particular and unique audience. With this new massive update we are also going to be launching text messaging for giveaways and Facebook messaging which will open up a whole new way to promote your giveaways to potential audiences.

This is expected to start launching in early August or into September and should be one of our biggest promotions yet!

So get hyped and get ready for some of the best gamer type giveaways coming to you soon!