One of the very best ways to making passive income is via Affiliate marketing.

By finding one or a few products/services in which you really enjoy and would recommend you can quickly build up a passive income.

The key is finding the correct product or service to promote. You will want to find one that has a monthly subscription that will continue to pay you on a monthly basis for anyone you refer to their site.

One of the biggest ones I use myself is called ClickFunnels.

I also setup a powerful funnel which you can promote yourself for free at Affiliate Cash Machine.

The general idea behind this funnel is to build an affiliate base in two programs. ClickFunnels and the solo ads which will continue to pay you on a monthly basis.

I believe in keeping things simple and only promoting offers or services which are truly worth it and have a positive impact on the people that get them.

While your building your passive income stream with affiliate marketing you can also branch out.

ClickFunnels offers an easy to use drag and drop page editor where you can launch your own webinars, membership areas, release your own book and so much more.