Your giveaway is going to have a number of goals such as gaining followers and creating more interaction on your posts. Most of this wont turn into profits you see first hand but in the long run it could result in sales and further reach of your future posts.

There is a way to structure your giveaway in such a way to maximize your results. Below is a list of suggestion to maximize your results on your next giveaway. These are all entry types and the system I use myself to set this up is called

#1 – The Retweet

One of the best way to maximize the exposure of your giveaway is to give entries for retweeting your post about the giveaway. This will expand impressions, viewership and followers on your twitter account which will gain you more traction in followers and participants in your giveaway.

# 2 – The Email List

People keep telling me email is dead, but when you look at the numbers you will be surprised at how much it is still used. Of a list of 20,000 emails this produces nearly 3,000 reentries into my giveaways and this list continues to grow.

# 3 – Daily Entries

Keep them coming back by providing at least one daily entry. This helps in a number of ways such as building your brand identity and getting them use to visiting your website offend. It keeps your brand and name in their mind daily which is a VERY powerful aspect for building your income.

By applying these above along with other methods you can quickly start building a following and keeping your brand in the forefront of their minds. Doing so will help you push more sales, increase awareness and help your business move to the next level.