You thought up what you want to giveaway

You created it on a system such as

Now what ?

You need people to come to your giveaway and take the time to enter your giveaway and perform actions to get those entries.

Simply creating a giveaway will not attract people and this is why sites like where built.

Giveaway Machine allows you to tap into thousands of people who are interested in entering giveaways and get them to come to your giveaway. This will help your giveaway to go viral and spread across the internet.

Follow these simple steps or watch the video below to submit your own giveaway.

  1. In the top right click on submit your giveaway
  2. On the page that loads fill out all details correctly and select any upgrade packages you want to help gain even more entries to your giveaway
  3. Allow us 24 hours to review your order and start promoting your giveaway